What Is The Best Business To Start Now To Escape The Rat Race, And Become Financially Self-reliant?

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Since you find yourself here on this page, then you are looking to build your career away from the rat race, become fully financially self-reliant, and love the idea of being able to live anywhere. Well, there are a lot of people who can resonate with you.

Many of today’s hard-working people with demanding day jobs want to launch out on their own and establish a new future for themselves. Particularly those in their forties or fifties and who are close to retirement with no financial security. They feel trapped in the endless cycle of the rat race, forced into long hours at work, and unable to spend meaningful time with family and friends. They dream of launching a venture that will enable them to become financially independent, set their working hours, and free them to live wherever they like.

How Realistic To Start A Business While Working A Day- Job? 

Nowadays, the number of people looking for a realistic way to start a business while working a day job increases. But, a question many ask is whether it is realistic to launch a new venture while working a day job. Can you undertake two jobs at once?

Based on my experience and given the ability to work on the internet at home, I can assure you that is realistic and more than ever before. Since starting my online adventure, I have been able to work evenings in addition to my 60-hour-a-week full-time occupation as an event project manager.

Find Something To Believe In

When I decided to start the online venture, my main reason was never about just making money. It was important for me to find a Business that I could believe in and rely on for the future. I followed the counsel of Tony Robbins, a speaker, coach, and author that I admire. He advises that you set up a business that will bring not only success but also fulfillment.

Success without fulfillment is the ultimate failure”. - Tony Robbins.

What Kind Of Business Can You Run Part-Time?

Choosing the right business to run part-time around your full-time job is extremely important. Robert Kiyosaki, another favorite author of mine, offers these guidelines:

  • Find a venture that centers on products
  • Those products should be really easy to fulfill
  • You should feel confident selling the products
  • Products that you can sell over and over every week. Also, you shouldn't invest a large amount of your time in serving customers, providing support, or conducting transactions.
  • Avoid being in the position of having to deliver the products that you are selling when you return home each evening, particularly when working 60 or 70 hours a week.

Online Business

Get Started With Affiliate Marketing.

Affiliate marketing is one of the greatest business models to start with around your job. You can sell other businesses' products and get a commission without having to do any fulfillment or delivery. If you’re an affiliate, the number of products you can sell is unlimited. And the beauty of it is that you can sell those products many times over, 24/7, 365 days a year. So, even when you’re at work or sleeping, you are busy growing your income as you grow your sales.


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Sell With E-Commerce.

The most outstanding type of affiliate marketing involves selling actual products online through e-commerce business. With physical products, you don’t have to reinvent the wheel. You can order existing products in bulk at a fraction of the cost and then set up a sales system.

Opportunities like Amazon FBA will do the heavy lifting for you. They will process the payments from customers and deal with the packaging, distribution, and customer service. In the meantime, you’ll get busy selling the products and setting up marketing and ad campaigns to make those sales happen- which you can do around your job in just one or two hours a day.

Money growth

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Something To Consider As You Go Into Online Business.

It is important to mention that irrespective of what you are selling, the first 10 sales are the hardest. When you record your first set of double figures, however, you will become more confident. Then, it is a matter of repeating the successful steps that gained you those initial sales in the coming months. Soon you will be recording a steady income. As that income builds, you will be able to look forward to the day when you can ditch your day job and enjoy that dream of independent living.

When it comes to starting this business, the first and most important question people ask is “how long is it going to take?” Although it is a straightforward question, it is not that easy to answer. There is so much diversity in achieving the results from 2 days to 12 months to make your first 10 sales. It all depends on whether you picked the right product for the market at the current time, and most importantly is your commitment to learning the digital skills you need to succeed.

How Serious Are You To Start An Online Business?

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