Video marketing growth

The Importance Of Video Marketing Growth For Your Business

Video Marketing Growth

Nobody can deny the importance of video marketing for online business. People tend to remember what they see rather than what they read; therefore, videos are powerful digital marketing tools. They carry the power to engage potential clients and finally turn them into customers. Also, different video marketing types that exist today lead to video marketing growth.

Video Marketing Growth- Statistic

Video marketing growth-statistics

Here are some statistics on video marketing growth that will make you understand how important it is to devise a video marketing plan to boost your online presence.

  • In 2020, 90% of marketers claimed that a marketing strategy is imperfect without video content.
  • According to WzyOwl statistics, 63% of businesses take support from video marketing for online business.
  • The research concluded that 76% of marketers believe video marketing growth increases conversion rate (ROI) and improves sales.
  •  Cisco states that over 80% of all internet traffic will consist of videos by 2021.

So, Are you still debating whether video marketing growth is good for your business or not?

5 Reasons To Adopt Video Marketing For Online Business

A few decades back, people loved to read the newspaper, but you must improvise for faster growth of your business. As compared to the traditional advertising methods, you can promote your business pretty quickly using the different video marketing types.

Videos Provide High Rate Of Conversion

For an online business to progress, you must have a high rate of conversion. And what better way to convey your message than using the full magnitude of multiple video marketing types.

By posting an entertaining video on your website's landing page, you can grab the attention of your target audience. Hence, increase your online sales. Moreover, attaching videos to your marketing emails will boost the click-through rate by 200%-300%.

Helps You Develop A Bond With Your Customers

So, video marketing creates a strong bond with your valuable customers and supports you in building trust with your potential buyers. Videos can provoke the emotions of the viewers and directly impact their minds. Also, statistic shows that people will be able to grasp a concept or message shared through a video.

Also, by using promotional videos as a part of your video marketing growth, you can create a trustworthy environment. So, you will make your consumers feel more confident in purchasing your product.

Improve Your Search Engine Rankings

Video marketing types-SEO

Having planned video marketing in place, you will have a positive impact on your search engine rankings. Google is attracted to websites that have exciting video content. And this makes it even more essential to use video marketing for online business.

To keep your viewers glued to your web site, to improve your Google ranking, and to increase your ROI rate design, videos having creative titles and links can take your viewers to your website. Also, use advanced video editing tools and try to create content using different video marketing types.

Make Your Brand Standout

After all said, Creating brand awareness should be your motive while opting for video marketing for online business. Producing a creative video will enliven your ideas. Which is something you cannot do with print. Use video marketing types to your advantage and show the unique side of your product or service. For your brand to get more leads, you need to create and share more video content.

Different video marketing types can help you in this instance.  You can create an explainer video to give viewers more insight into your product. Also, you can use short videos to inform them about your commitment to serve better.

Videos Lead To More Social Share

Investing your time and money in video marketing for online business will take your business to social media platforms. An average user spends 2 hours and 23 minutes on social media. Moreover, video is the most shared content on every social media platform. Also, video produces 12 times more social share than text and images.

You can ensure steady video marketing growth by creating videos that are fun-filled. Further, this will not only make your brand go viral but will also generate more traffic to your website.

Video marketing for online business

Bonus Tips For Better Video Marketing For Online Business

Once you have built up your mind to carry out video marketing for your online business and benefit from video marketing types, you can use some bonus tips for better results.

  • Be sure to use different video marketing types. Standard video marketing formats include interviews, live sessions, product reviews, and short videos.
  • Length of a video matters. Keep it concise yet engaging and informative.
  • The best way to implement video marketing for an online business is to take the direct approach. Use a formal and conversational way of talking in your videos.
  • Include captions in all your video marketing types, which will allow you to reach your audience.
  • Try to optimize your videos for SEO by putting in descriptions, tags, and transcripts.

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